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nothingupmyslv's Journal

Daimon Winter, and various aliases
4 March
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Daimon Winter was born in Whitechapel, the son of a stage magician's "lovely assistant" and a visiting Indian mentalist. He grew up in the stage-magic business, making side money as a card sharp and occasional short-con artist. Naughty, but essentially good-hearted, he started focusing more and more on illusionism and hypnosis tricks.

His power first manifested when he was forced to use hypnosis in self-defense, convincing a mugger that he had a gun in his hand. Soon enough, he discovered that he could induce hypnotic trances in people and groups, either implanting impulses and suggestions, curing damage, or fooling one or more senses (making a gum wrapper look like $100 all the way up to putting people into a complete hallucinatory state). He is a pacifist and takes it fairly seriously, and so he uses his power for a variety of nonlethal takedowns.

PB: Oded Fehr